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Optimization for your fleet

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Optimization of consumption for trucks, buses, tractors, cars and mobile homes

We test your vehicle for its effective performance on one of the most modern four-wheel engine test benches in Germany. If necessary, we adjust the desired nominal power and make the vehicle more economical with smoother running.

Up to 10% less fuel with the same driving style.

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Evaluation of the measurement

With our software, we evaluate the recorded key figures with a high degree of accuracy. This gives us clear insights into the performance as a function of the torque curve. The maximum power is recorded and it is checked whether the power is evenly distributed in all speed ranges. In this way, performance fluctuations and unnecessarily high consumption are recognized and can then be improved.

Adjustment of the rated power

In the case of commercial vehicles, it is often worth adjusting the power in the lower or upper speed ranges as required. With our measurement, we create the basis for professional performance optimization. After successful adjustment, the engine runs more smoothly at the preferred speed and converts its power better.

consumption reduction

The targeted optimization of consumption enables fuel savings of up to 10% with the same driving style. By adapting the electronic injection, fuel consumption in trucks can be reduced by up to 3 liters of diesel. At the same time, the engine is protected because it runs smoother and more balanced. We compare the diagrams and maps in a before and after evaluation on the dynamometer. The software continues to optimize itself while driving and helps to further reduce consumption.

Dynamometer Dynotruck

Data and properties

The Dynotruck test stand has numerous analog sensors to measure different values. These include intake manifold pressure, ambient pressure, ambient temperature, engine oil temperature and exhaust gas temperature.
This test environment can be extended with a fuel consumption measurement module. The manufacturer's software works on common workshop computers without additional hardware. Captured data can be viewed on its own display or a printout of the performance graph. Shown on the graph, the desired data can be read easily and conveniently.
Technical data DF2-4T
Maximum Performance
600 kw
Maximum Speed
200 km/h
Maximum drive torque
5500 NM
25 KN
Roll diameter
318 mm
3200 - 7200 mm
Wheel track
0,8 - 2,8 m
Total weight per axle
16.000 kg
Mechanical axis connection
Yes (opt)
Progressive fan control
Yes (opt)
Blocking rollers & lifting device
Electric power consumption
10 KW
Dimensions Dynotruck Dynamometer
Rear test stand
4.750 X 1.100 X 460 mm
Movable test bench
2.950 X 1.100 X 240 mm
Weight test stand rear
2.100 kg
Weight mobile test stand
450 kg
data acquisition kit
Oil temperature sensor (°C) / H²O (°C)
0 - 150 °C
Temperature sensor
0 - 1000 °C
Turbo pressure sensor (bar)
-1.00 + 3.00
Consumption meter
4 - 200 L/H

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